Fluffy American Blueberry Pancakes

Hooligan pancakes

  There are fewer pleasures greater than waking up early in the morning on your day off, or at noon if you are a chef, and eating light and fluffy blueberry pancakes, they are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner, rich and filling, covered in butter maple syrup or honey, these things are not healthy,Read more

Easy Uplifting feel good Red fruit Smoothie


feeling Hungover, tired, or stressed? this is a great smoothie to lift your spirits, pick you up, using frozen berries means you can make this anytime, its cheaper than fresh berries. Prep time:    5 minutes producing:    3 minutes Yield             2 glasses cost              €1.56 each Ingredients 150g      Frozen strawberries 100g      Frozen blue berries 100g      Frozen raspberries 200ml    Orange juice 250g     Read more

Parmesan and rocket flammkuchen


Flammkuchen are perfect  for a light snack, easy to prepare and quick to cook, the parmesan and rocket combination on this particular one with the creme fraiche work very well together. you can store them in the freezer and cook them from frozen, they cost very little and require very little topping to make them interesting,Read more

No Sugar simply baked White Chocolate Cheesecake

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Here you have a simple but delicious baked cheesecake. It has a full and creamy texture, allowing the cheese to set with the white chocolate means you dont have ad any Sugar, its easy to make, easy to bake. This cheesecake will accompany any ice-cream or fruit compote. Prep time               30 minutes Cooking Time        45-60 minutes Yield                     Read more